Monday, November 26, 2007

Fire on the water. Sunset as seen through the lens on a boat trip home from the Farallon Islands.

Sunset Photography. All rights reserved.

On Tour

Hot Air Balloon Races are something to see. This particular Race was in Reno Nevada this fall. But they are held from Albuquerque to Australia.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving. We are on holiday and look forward to posting for you next week.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Aquarium of the Bay - San Francisco. An educational facility dedicated to inspiring conservation of San Francisco Bay and marine environments, located adjacent to Pier 39.

HD Video from the tanks and tunnels in the Aquarium by SF Bay Digital. featuring Stingrays, Giraboldi, Anemone, Moon Jellyfish and many other fish. All Rights Reserved.

For what you can do to help keep our Oceans visit Thank you Ocean -

Music by Bjorn Lynne. All Rights Reserved.

Aquarium of the Bay
Embarcadero at Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

SF BAY AXIS - SF Bay Area Aquariums

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Morning Fog over Sausalito, Richardson Bay. Fog Photography.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Helicopter over San Francisco Bay.

Aerial San Francisco Photography. But prints online. Commercial Licensing Available. All Rights Reserved.

Windsurfers at twilight, Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco Bay Watersports Photography available at online. All Rights Reserved.

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean and the Farallon Islands from Point Bonita, Marin Headlands, GGNRA.

Farallon Island Photography available at online. All Rights Reserved.

A little Color from the Reno Hot Air Balloon Race.

Stock Photography available online at All rights reserved.

Classic Morning Fog.

Fog over the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Photography. All Rights Reserved. Buy Digital Images Online.

The Golden Gate Bridge Pokes out of Definitively Fall Fog.

Golden Gate Bridge Fog Photography. San Francisco Bay. All Rights Reserved.

The Marin Headlands Sky Strikes a Pose.

San Francisco Fine Art Black and White Photography. All rights Reserved.

Have to respect these early morning bike riders enduring such a vigorous ride up the marin headlands before most of us have had coffee.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Photography. All Rights Reserved. Buu Photos Online.

Birds Eye View of the South Bay over the Bay Bridge.

Aerial San Francisco Photography. Buy Digital Photography Online.

The Legion of Honor looks like Paris at Night.

San Francisco Iconic Night Photography. All Rights Reserved. Buy Stock
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Disembarking Ship, San Francisco Bay at Sunset.

San Francisco Bay Sunrise and Sunset Photography by Buy Photography online. All Right Reserved.

Early Morning before the lights go down on the San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco Bay Sunrise and Sunset Photography. Buy Photos online.
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The newly remodeled Maritime Museum at Aquatic Park with Alcatraz and Angel Island Behind. The museum should be re-opening soon.

San Francisco Iconic Landmark Souvenir Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Who us?

Tule Elk enjoying a waterhole in Point Reyes National Seashore. Nature Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Here comes the sun.

San Francisco Skyline Sunrise over the Bay Bridge. San Francisco Stock Photography
available online. All Rights Reserved.

Shadow Play.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise. Stock photography available online. All Rights Reserved.

Aerial Palace of Fine Arts with the New Lucas Arts building on the Presidio in the background.

Aerial San Francisco Iconic Landmark Photography. Buy photos online.

San Francisco Hospitality at the Newly Renovated San Francisco Hilton Lobby near Chinatown.

San Francisco Bay

Good morning SF Bay.

Sunrise behind Angel Island, San Francisco Bay. All Rights Reserved. Commercial Licensing Available.

Got to protect from those barbarians at the Gate.

San Francisco Architectural Detail Photography. All Rights Reserved. Corporate Art Collections Available.

Cascade Waterfall, Mill Valley after rain.

Marin Country Photography.
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Red Sky at morning, Sailors Take Warning.
Red Sky at night, Sailors Delight

San Francisco Bay Iconic Landmark Photography.
Golden Gate Bridge at Dawn. All Right Reserved.

The Transamerica Tower sure looks different from the ground.

San Francisco Iconic Landmarks Photography. All rights reserved. Commerical Licensing, Corporate Collections and Fine Art Prints Available online.


Aerial and Marine Photography.

Aerial San Francisco from the South Side of the City during the Allstar Games, The China Building, South Beach Marina Summer 2007.
SF Bay Aerial Digital Images

San Francisco Bay Area Information

Sometimes a single image can evoke a peaceful feeling and remind you of lost days of summers aimless hours. For me it also goes in hand with remember loss days of youth where we summered and the days were filled with cousins, beaches and boats, and moms preparing picnics and parties. Hope this works for you too.

SF Bay Digital Images

San Francisco Bay Area Information

Friday, November 09, 2007

Dances with Whales - The Humpback whale is nicknamed the Ballerina of the Sea. This is more like a modern dance. Below is a video taken with a hand held camera on board while we were shooting a nature documentary in HD with a makohead stabilizer. We were in the Gulf of the Farallones Marine Sanctuary, near the continental shelf.
October 3rd, 2006 - Marine Photography

Whale Breeching Video Posted at, you tube channel.
FMSA - Farallon Islands Marine Sanctuary Whale Watching Expeditions

Almost Fits - I was working on recreating an aerial photograph from a balloon taken in 1906, and this was one of the first mock-ups. Of course the final product was more professional, but I always liked this mock up. Almost a perfect fit. Sometimes almost a perfect fit looks more interesting. The perfect fit, the final for my client, was actually a cosmetic make over with photoshop and multiple images composited. Artificial. I liked the almost perfect fit better.

Aerial and Marine photography services.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Handsome young buck peeing as he strikes a handsome pose. This stikes me as visual perfect of the young male attitude. Yes, I can. No, I wont. You are not the boss of me. I know I am drop dead gorgeous, or at least my Mother told me I was. Deal with it. What do you mean you want me to behave?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Early morning tug navigates the San Francisco Bay in the fog. There is nothing diminutive about the Tug Boat. It is the backbone of the San Francisco Bay. The guide that brings the ships in over the "bar" outside the gate. The "bar" is very shallow at points and is quite literally a sand bar that has collected from silt and other sediments flowing out the Golden Gate. In days of yore (before the GPS) entering the San Francisco Bay was a precarious endeavor. The Tugboats knew the lay of the ocean floor, the waters, currents and tides. They could guide an incoming ship laden with valuable cargo safely.

Of course, not to be overlooked, is the Potatoe Patch right outside the North side of the mouth of the San Francisco Bay near Point Bonita. Early navigators were heard to have downed a few shots of whiskey before navigating through the Potatoe Patch. The Potatoe Patch supposedly got its name in either of the following two ways: 1) The waters were so rough it made boats laden with potatoes heading for Sacremento spill their load. or 2)The waters get so frothed up in the winter the foam looks like mashed Potatoes. I have seen the latter at about four feet thick.
Of course if you know the tides, you can figure out what time of day the waters will lay down at Point Bonita.

There is nothing small about the tugboat. I have always seen the tugs as sort of bulldog tough with their thick rubber exterior. I guess if you compare it to the size of a Cargo Ship, a Cruise Ship or a Tanker it might seem small, but those vessels are lumbering giants, slow to start, and once in motion slow to stop, turns on football field (as compared to turning on a dime), not sleek and lean agile hydro machines.

Not being a local born and raised here, a recent transplant arriving in 1985, I was surprised to learn being a Tugboat Captain is a great and high paying job. It is a job passed down from generation to generation with the knowledge of the Sea. They refer to themselves as being in the lucky sperm club.

Read more on the rich San Franisco Maritime History on Find Maritime Musuems, Historic Vessels, and Marine Events. Marine Photography. Nautical HD + Film Services, image stablized motion capture and photography from boats and other moving vessels.

Friday, November 02, 2007

For more information on the Blue Angels 2008 visit:

Complete Fleetweek 2008 Schedule visit the Fleetweek Website.

Check their website for updates on the 2008 Parade of Ships, Air Shows, Event Schedules and more.

Chairman's Greeting

Since 1981, San Francisco Fleet Week has been an annual opportunity for Northern Californians to honor the men and women serving in the United States Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. This year we are fortunate to have increased participation from the Coast Guard and the Canadian Navy. In so doing, we expand the scope of Fleet Week internationally as well as across the armed services.

Please help me make our visitors feel welcome and assist me in thanking them for serving in the military and for the remarkable contribution they are making to our security and well being.

Edward M. Leonard

Chairman, San Francisco Fleet Week Committee

Complete Fleetweek Schedule visit the Fleetweek Website.

The fog horns in the distance at night has always been a quintesential favorite that sounds like home.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Signs of fall. Young Buck checking me out, early one morning up on the headlands while I was stalking sunrise.

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