Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gulf of the Farallones Film/HD/Photography Expeditions.

For those of you who joined us last year, this is the same expedition.
We went to the Farallon Islands with 20 photographers on board. Imagine
all the equipment. It was a great trip. SFBayImages.com captured Sony 900 HD
footage of whales breeching, nature and Farallon Island scenary. Our guests captured media in everything from hd, to professional digital to pocket cameras. The whales made quiet a performance. On board were professional photographers from all over the San Francisco Bay area. Get tickets at SFBAYTRADINGCO.com

Please come join us for our annual trip(s) this year. We are trying to go twice.

We will be limiting the available space on the boat to 20 paying guests.
There will be a naturalist on board to help identify the nature we see. We will
be on board a stable fishing charter vessel. We plan to have two trips this year.
Click on the whale tale below (It is worth watching to see whales breeching and the white shark pictures and great music!)to see a slide show of the nature out at the Farallon Islands.

This photocast is available on DVD for playing on TV, HDTV, and Computers in our Atmopsheric Art Section. It comes in high resolution
and plays for thirty minutes with and an excellent soundtrack similar to this song.

It turns out to be quite a photography networking party. See one story on the trip at
sfgate.com -


Nature's wonders, unscripted

Whale watching is chancy, but payoff can be magnificent

Please sign up as early as you can so we can guage how many seats are available.

Our Farallon Island photography expeditions are for serious photography enthusiasts who want to
be with us to get great shots (if we find them) and want to help support our photography efforts. We make our footage, images and services affordable and available to
non-profit organizations and educational broadcasts. Last year we assisted a well known nature documentary get footage aquire footage at the
farallones at a rate they could afford by selling tickets in a simalar way and it was a huge success. We have donated footage to the Sanctuary, and last year donated images of Killer Whales Orcas to hundreds television, web and print news organizations with an
unusual sighting we came accross that was very news worthy. If you can afford to support us, please come on the more expensive expeditions. SF Bay Images stills and digital footage has been licensed by Sunset Magazine, Books, The San Francisco Chronicle, KQED and many others. We have actively
been providing images such as the webcast below for the world to see the Farallones. Please support us if you can.

For licensing of footage this footage or past footage please contact www.sfbayimages.com at 415-331-3804.

Gulf of the Farallones Still Photography Slide Show from Youtube.com/sfbayimages.com Below

Wide Screen TV Screen Saver Atmospheric Art

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