Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Its a girl thing.

It a girl thing. Once in a while I run across photos while filling orders that seem really worthy of reviewing. This talented gal was taking sailing lessons at the Sausalito Yacht Club. For those of you younger then then oh say 30, women sailors are a realiively new thing. Dawn Riley brought it out with her female America Cup team. When I first started photographing races in 2002, females on team were rare.
In fact people in the sailing world could name all the female sailors in the bay area. These days when you shoot a boat race almost every boat has one if not many woman. And then of course there is the lipstick kiss spinnaker in the Farr 40 fleet.

Uh, Yeah. This is a pro team below, doing a good job I might add, but not a female on board. In all the boats competing in the Vintage America Cup Class Boats 2003 I can only thing of one woman on one boat. Oh do correct me if I am wrong. Of course I was out there following them around on my chase boat. Please note the bow man in the water on the first shot. Good Save!

It was a guy thing.

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