Monday, November 09, 2009

Golden Gate Endeavor Food Drop November 8, 2009

Chris Martin and Mick Dawson on the "Bojangles", a 20 foot row boat, in their Golden Gate Endeavor to cross the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the San Francisco Bay. Photo taken during a food drop just over 100 nautical miles off Santa Rosa, California. November 8. 2009. The pair aim to become the first to row unsupported across teh North Pacific Ocean finishing in San Francisco under the Golden Gate Bridge. Their estimated time of arrival in San Francisco is within the next week.

You can follow Chris and Mick in their voyage at

Helicopter provided by:

Wayne Lackey
Napa, CA
Aerial Photograph Canon 5D Mark ll
The Boat
The vessel specifically designed and constructed for this challenge is ‘Bojangles’. At 23ft long and 6ft wide, ‘Bojangles’ is the most technically advanced ocean rowing vessel ever constructed. Manufactured from a Carbon-Kevlar composite woven material (by Woodvale Challenge), it is incredibly strong and durable, whilst at the same time being the lightest material suitable for the construction of an ocean going vessel. The woven construction increases the impact resistance threefold, while the method used to cure the resin ensures that the strength of the boat is not limited by the strength of its joints. In addition, renowned yacht designer John Shuttleworth was employed at the design stage to highlight and implement specific structural requirements for this vessel and her particular voyage, all of which have been incorporated into the final build.

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