Monday, December 05, 2011

FireTrance - A modern twist on the Video Fireplace - Brilliant Flames to Trance Music

Happy Holidays from SF Bay Images. Warm up with Digital Fire. Escape from traditional holiday music with "FireTrance". Fire sounds mixed with Mid-Eastern influenced Fusion Trance Music. Try it at Full Screen HD to warm up. Enjoy! 20 minutes.

Music Licensed From -"Liquid Incense" Music that has an aura of mystery, mythology, and far-away places. It is ethnic and ancient and with a "world" sound, without being specific to any particular location or country.

Video shot in my backyard fire pit with Sophie on a big old Sony 900 camera and a lot of fuel. (no wood) It was fun.

If you click on the link and go directly to the youtube site you can select HD. Find the frame rate at the bottom of the video player, it probably says "360p" and select "720pHD". Then go fullscreen.

Happy Holidays from San Francisco Bay Digital Images.

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