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San Francisco Bay Area Seabirds, Cassin's Aucklet

San Francisco Bay Area Birdwatching
Seabirds of Marin, SF Bay and Gulf of the Farallones

Cassin's Aucklet

Cassin's Aucklet Scientific classification
  • Cassin's Aucklet Kingdom: Animalia
  • Cassin's Aucklet Phylum: Chordata
  • Cassin's Aucklet Class: Aves
  • Cassin's Aucklet Subclass: Neornithes
  • Cassin's Aucklet Infraclass: Neognathae
  • Cassin's Aucklet Superorder: Neoaves
  • Cassin's Aucklet Order: Charadriiformes
  • Cassin's Aucklet Suborder: Lari
  • Cassin's Aucklet Family: Alcidae
  • Cassin's Aucklet Subfamily: Alcinae
  • Cassin's Aucklet Tribe: Alcini
  • Cassin's Aucklet Genus: Uria
  • Cassin's Aucklet Species: U. aalge
Cassin's Aucklet Binomial name
  • Uria aalge
Where to find a Cassin's Aucklet in the San Francisco Bay Area: Gulf of the Farallones and the Farallon Islands.
Description: Cassin's Aucket - Small bird, about the size of a tennis ball. Nest on cliffs and burrons in the rocks. Migrate from Baja and the Alleutions. Over 100,000 birds nest on the Farallon Islands. They are at risk to being prey of the Western Gull. Most seabirds abandon their nests shortly after breeding, but the Cassin's Auklets remain in their nests on the Farallon Islands. It is believed that shortage of nesting turf leads them to defend their burrows year long. Cassin's Auklets are common at the Farallon Islands.

Sea Birds of the San Francisco Bay, Marin, Northern Coast + Gulf of the Farallones.
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A sense of scale of how small this bird is. South East Farallon Island.


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