Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New 15 In MacBook Pro - I have now had the chance to compare one side by side with the old MacBook Pro. I would just like to follow up that while I think the price is ridiculous, and you do have to purchase a lot of accessories for work-a-rounds, it is incredible. 16 GB RAM MEMORY. You can do a lot of video editing with special effects. It is on my purchase list. Please bring me your project so we can make great commercial videos for your online presence. Having just completed my last 3 projects, I am looking for one or two good projects. SF Bay Images is modeled on the "Digital Agency" concept. We have access to excellent crew for any size project. We are professional, all business and creative. I Direct, or Operate the Cameras and Direct. 25 years of professional creative experience coupled with 15 years of staying abreast with current technology. San Francisco Bay Digital Images. We are all Digital. 415-331-3804

We are currently looking for one or two commercial video projects. 415-331-3804
We are handcrafted, small and attentive. We are not inexpensive, so we may not be right for you.

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