Wednesday, June 20, 2012

REDWOOD CREEK FOREST - San Francisco Bay Area

 Redwood Creek Forest - 30 minute photography stream of redwood trees photographed in the San Francisco Bay Area redwood forests set to on-location professionally recorded creek sounds professionally mastered to sound real and relaxing. On location birds and other nature sounds. Atmospheric Art in High Definition. Set your screen to full size and relax. Images rotate every 15 seconds. Relaxing atmospheric art. Suggestion: If you are testing out a new retina display, click the setting icon on youtube and set it to the highest definition setting. 

Photographed and Recorded in Marin County and Northern California. San Francisco Bay Digital Images. All rights reserved. No attribution or derivatives. Contact SF Bay Images for licensing.

We produce Atmospheric Art for Display Screens in Hotels, Corporate Lobbies, Restaurants, Hotels and Private Homes. We have a long list of installations. Let us produce a custom display screen for your environment.


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